Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7th March ... wet and warm, good growing weather!

How disgraceful, a week since my last entry ... no excuse other than I have been rather too fascinated watching the emergence of spring to do much writing about it!  The hawthorn hedge has the tiny beginnings of buds and the first daffodils and narcissus are in flower.  What a magical time it is ....

The spring flowers are pushing up past the winter's stalwarts!

As soon as the sun comes out, there are early bumble bees looking for a first taste of nectar and pollen to fortify themselves for the establishment of new nests ... the really HUGE ones are young queens.  I found one lady busily looking for a home at the base of a fence pole.  When she finds the right hole,she will make it her own and start a small colony - no more than 60 - 90 workers for her year's sovereignty...

Welcome, Your Majesty!

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