Sunday, April 29, 2012

29th April ... back to the woods - again!

Oh dear, it really has been so wet underfoot, that I am afraid that I have not been to the woods much this last few weeks... ironic, really, as we are officially in a drought!  Ever since THAT was announced it has been pouring with rain!!  Maybe they should have done it earlier!
Anyway, spring, of course, continues to spring whether I am there or not and on the edge of the woods the apple trees are coming into blossom most beautifully!  I do hope that the rain does not wash off all the pollen before the poor bees get a chance to enjoy it - not to mention pollinate the flowers and ensure a good crop of apples in the autumn ...

A few years ago, on the village green - where we also have apple trees - there was a wonderful occurrence one April evening, when a swarm of glow-worms were blown over from the Continent and were attracted to the apple blossom.  It was a strange and beautiful sight, to see tiny blobs of light shimmering in and around the flowers.  Magical!

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