Friday, October 28, 2011

28th October - flying visit!

On a quick walk to the woods today (busy time at the moment, preparing for a weekend class, so making the most of some lovely sunny evening hours) I passed by an area on the outskirts of the wood where some of last summer's sunflowers still retained some of their seeds.  Several finches, including the noisy greenfinch of a few days ago, were arguing over the largest flowers, but a sweet little redpoll had found one low down to the ground and had made it his own!  The seedling must have escaped from a nearby garden, as they are certainly not native ... but this little guy thought they were all the better for that!  Exotic far to fill his tummy and make his tubby for the winter ahead!

"How to I get down there?"
I hate to miss the changes in the wood for even a few days ... but sadly over the weekend they will have to happen without me!

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