Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st February - cold and bright!

OK, I confess, I have not made it down to the wood for several days.  I cannot really blame the weather, although it has been unpleasant, but I shall make up for it today... I was determined to find more than just the odd hellebore in flowers, to I really looked closely in the little dells and dips of the woodland floor, and there I found tiny gems hidden away ... the first were like little stars of white light against the leaf litter - chickweed.

Chickweed, as it's name suggests, was one of the herbs used to add variety to hens' food at the end of winter - and the chickens int he wood were making the most of the green shoots.  Then, I saw little sapphires, too!  Tiny speedwell flowers rioting in and out of the early grasses.  And all this while there was still heavy frost on the ground.

 The magic of nature is at work in this shortest, sometimes most dismal, month of the year!

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