Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25th January ... signs of new life.

After a few days of really miserable weather - cold, wet and dull - the wood looked brighter this morning ... and the hazel coppices were dancing with little lambs' tails!  Still yellowy-green, it is too early for the pollen to be showing, although there was one hungry bumble bee who had awoken early and looked as though he needed something more than was on offer from the travellers' joy!

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  1. Lovely work - and, quite amusingly, seeing your lovely hazel 'lambs' tails' it linked up with a very old cookery book which I was reading yesterday. One recipe was 'lamb tail pie' ... a spring dish. As a vegetarian I would much prefer to think of it being made from these lambs' tails.

    Poor Mr Bumble Bee, our weather has confused him, as well as the plants.