Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13th December - a wild night!

Wow, it was a really stormy night ... and there was plenty of old wood which came down from the canopy of the trees together with pine cones.  Very wet, too, and so soggy underfoot this morning, just the thing for a brisk walk to clear the cobwebs...

I heard a high pitched bird call and looked up to see a beautiful gold finch looking for seeds in the pine cones!  Did you know that the design we know as "paisley" is actually based on a pine cone pattern?  The original concept came from India where the pines of the sub continent were large and spectacular ... the pattern travelled to Scotland, in particular to "Paisley" and was incorporated into fabric made up into shawls ... hence its popular name!
Nature's Christmas decorations!
The several stages of the cone's development are often visible together on a single branch ... which is why the swirls of the "paisley" designs graduate from small to large and back again ... fascinating!   This little fellow looks as though he is planning the Christmas festivities by decking his very own halls with pine cones!

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