Thursday, December 22, 2011

22nd December - a little night music

One of the few advantages (if you call it that!) of these long nights is that you are more likely to see nocturnal birds and animals than you are in the short, light evenings of the summer...

Last night the screech of the barn owl gave notice that he was out and about taking advantage of the long darkness to find food.

Keen eyes, soft feathers.
Pity the small animals who came to his notice ... those eyes miss nothing and the silent approach gives little chance of escape.  I have known a barn owl to pass so silently that a brush of the wings on your cheek is the first indication of his approach, maybe then a swish of downy feathers, maybe a lightning fast stoop to snatch up his prey.  The darkness is both friend and foe depending on your allegiance!


  1. Beautiful owl. How long did it take to stitch?
    USA admirer

  2. Hi Audrey, this is one of the projects I designed in a book I wrote some years ago ... "Helen M Stevens Embroidered Birds" (sadly out of print now, but we get copies sometimes on ther website). When I stitched it, it would have taken about a week... not sure how many hours though!!