Monday, December 12, 2011

Dember 12th - Finally back to the Woods!

Well, I must say I AM feeling rather guilty, what with the 'flu/cold/whatever plus my weekend classes to teach and some private tuition is it three weeks since I have managed to get down to the woods - serious withdrawal symptoms setting in!

Kestrel hovering over the edge of the wood

It was a beautifully clear, though cold, morning with a fresh light blue sky and what should I see almost immediately but a glorious kestrel hovering over the headland at the edge of the woods.  The wind has been brisk, but as he hovered, his head moved not an inch ... so intent on watching the small creatures below.

Water vole .... taking cover!

In a sheltered corner, there were still a few toadstools which had survived the recent colder weather - there has been nothing cold enough to create a frost inside the wood.  These will be very useful energy sources for non hibernating animals...

Late night - or early morning? - shopping!


  1. Love the Kestral, lovely work

  2. love the pictures, Helen. When you take the Kestrel and the mouse together it makes me realise that even in the wild shopping can be a dangerous occupation (lol!)