Thursday, December 29, 2011

29th December - wind and a little rain...and sunshine to come!

To get to Triangle Wood I have to walk along a quiet lane and over a small bridge, which crosses the river Lark ... 

Today, after some rain and a very blustery night, the river was running quite high, chattering over the stones and washing the banks making little splashes and splutters dance in the odd, rare, bursts of sunlight.  There are not many flowers around at this time of the year, but buttercups, in their many guises can always be found.  Alongside the river bank, by a clump of yellow flowers, a little creamy coloured water wagtail was bobbing and paddling in the water for all the world as though it were a summer afternoon!  Bless his little sun-shiny heart, he made me feel as though behind the darkest cloud, the sun is just waiting to come out for us.

What ever the new year has in store - let us thanks the Powers that Be for things that are yellow!
They promise the sunshine to come!

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