Saturday, September 10, 2011

10th September - Storms Coming?

Yesterday afternoon it suddenly got really warm, way above the usual for this time of year and everything went very still down in the woods - as it they were waiting for something ... now the weather forecast is warning of storms later today and over the rest of the weekend into Monday - the hang-over of the US hurricane, I understand.  At times like this you really can understand the old pagan Anglo Saxon idea that EVERYTHING is joined together by gossamer strands of "wyrd" or destiny ... so the events on the other side of the world eventually have an effect on us.  Of course, these days it can be proved, but back then ... well, they just knew!  Watching the way nature behaved, of course, often gave a clue ...

"Do not disturb..."
Squirrels, like many other animals do not hibernate, but when the weather gets bad they just curl up and try to wait it out while asleep!  Night, night little fellow!

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