Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5th - Sunshine and Showers

The last couple of days have been a mixture of lovely, sunny interludes and short, sharp showers ... well, that's English weather for you!!  Guess what?  Having told all my students that the project for my next three day class was going to be a hedgehog, and several people hoping that I would see one ... I did!  I think the damp weather has brought out the slugs and snails - plus some juicy worms, as he was rooting about in the leaf mould looking for a snack - and finding a three course meal. 

... I can hardly believe it, but I thought I saw a red squirrel!  There are some in a local pine forest - or so rumour has it - but it would be amazing to think that they have spread to little Triangle Wood.  Still, stranger things have happened.  There are otters in the nearby river, so who knows?  Here's a sketch,and I'll pop up a finished embroidery soon ...

Planting an acorn!


  1. It's enjoyable to see/hear your sights in Triangle Wood - also enviable. Inspirational, not just for embroidery but also to observe rather than just walk by.

  2. Triangle Wood sounds fascinating. Lucky you.