Thursday, September 29, 2011

29th September - Michaelmas

On the local news they were discussing the fact that this glorious hot weather has confused many garden shrubs into thinking that spring had arrived again - there were blossoms in amongst the autumn leaves... so down in Triangle Wood, I went to visit the honeysuckle vine that I had followed in great detail in the early summer - see my facebook page!

Sure enough there were fresh honeysuckle flowers, smelling sweetly of June!

In amongst the flowers were ripe, juicy blackberries - usually, of course, the shared thicket produces only one of these treats at a time ... but this year there are some very strange bedfellows to be found!

According to country lore, this is the last day you should pick and eat blackberries - because on Michaelmas night the Devil spits on them and turns them bitter!  So make the most of it - I just have and they were delicious!

Blackberries and ice cream for supper tonight, I think, too!

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