Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There is a tale told that the Great Spirit was walking through His creation one autumnal day when he suddenly realised that he had forgotten something ... there were no songbirds!  Looking around to find inspiration he saw the leaves turning colour and falling, taken dancing into the wind.  With a wave of His hand, he turned some of the falling leaves into little birds - and songbirds came into being.  What a lovely tale!  And as I walked through Triangle Wood today, with the leaves beginning to fall, swirling in the wind, it came back to me.  Beech leaves are turning the most wonderful shades of yellow, orange and gold.

Beech leaves and mast (nuts)
The redpoll (below) seems to have all the right colours to match the autumn leaves ... it must surely be one of the first that the Great Spirit thought of when the leaves swirled part His divine ears!  Praise be for the colours of autumn!

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