Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7th September - Sunny, but Cool!

After a breezy and damp night, the sun was shining first thing this morning - but there are plenty of clouds around, and I think we may get a bit more rain yet!  Have you ever noticed how wet leaves have a wonderful sheen and shimmer?  I was about to have a little grumble about how damp everything was when the sunlight caught the rainwater on the leaves and, it was like a magic lamp had been switched on.  Everything sparkled!

Tiny gnats danced in the sunlight....
So, every cloud really DOES have a silver lining.

The colours were amazing, too...

A little later in the morning the sunshine had even woken up a few late butterflies - the comma has two flights each year, one in the spring and one in the autumn - obviously this is the latter!  The little white "punctuation mark" on the underside of the wing was so bright that I feel sure it was only recently hatched.

Comma butterfly

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