Saturday, September 17, 2011

17th September - Sunshine, showers and ... more sunshine!

Well, it's a few days since I have been down to Triangle Wood, and though I have missed it, of course, it has been going its merry way without missing me!!  More leaves are beginning to fall now, especially as there has been a fair amount of wind, and the canopy overhead is thinning slightly - which, of course, lets a little more light in.  There are more marvellous fungi popping up all over the place, they seem magical because the really do appear overnight!

Some of the leaves still on the blackberry bushes are being eaten, or just deteriorating to leave marvellous skeletal traceries of themselves ... it's another use for the "honeycomb stitch" that I have often used before for dragonfly's wings...

... and some of their colours are amazing.  Maybe it's because it is so breezy, but I can't see many birds or animals today.  Of course, when the wind is rustling the leaves you can't hear them, so it is hard to spot them, too ... but they must be there somewhere!

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  1. I love the fungi and their appearance is truly magical at this time of the year. The honeycomb stitch is really effective.